European Union of Private Hospitals

About us

Who we are?

The mandate of the UEHP is to represent and defend the interests of the private hospitals in Europe, to promote private hospitals in Europe, a healthcare alternative that has become indispensable. Private hospitals present a service that is complementary to the public hospitals system and thus helps to maintain healthy and fair competition, which can only be beneficial to our common patient. Private hospitals show that it is possible to spend efficiently on care and at the same time, to offer effective quality of care.

UEHP has always defended a European health care system model, a competitive situation between the public and private sectors, respecting common and shared rules, using resources rationally and productively, responding quickly to demand and constantly seeking to achieve quality and patient safety.

The guidelines of UEHP conform to the priorities of the European institutions with a particular focus on the three main objectives for European health systems, specified in the joint declaration of the Ministers of Health of the member states of the EU, later transposed by the European Council: equality of access, quality of care and the sustainability of health systems.

What we do?

The purpose of UEHP is to defend and represent the independent hospitals in Europe, to help generating the political and economic conditions, aiming to improve the independent initiative in the health field. Moreover, UEHP studies and creates better conditions for the smooth management of independent hospitals. The priority of UEHP is to promote high quality healthcare focused on the patient. UEHP has as its objectives all matters related to the EU, and particularly :

to co-ordinate initiatives for the free establishment of independent healthcare facilities in the Common Market, as well as the promotion of the internal market in the field of healthcare,

the study of conditions for participation of independent hospitals in the social hospital service in the countries of the European Union.


Dr Paul GARASSUS, President

Dr Paul Garassus is also President of the French Health Economics Society (SFES); General Secretary and President of the Scientific Council of BAQIMEHP; involved in professional training at Business School and University.

Oscar GASPAR, Vice President

President of the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals  – APHP


Jens WERNICK, Vice President

Bundesverband Deutscher Privatkliniken e.V.

Cristian HOTOBOC, Secretary

President of Patronatul Furnizorilor de Servicii Medicale Private – PALMED

Guy nervo

Guy NERVO, Treasurer

CEO – Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center