European Union of Private Hospitals

Increased demand for medical services during summer

JULY 2019. Medpark International Hospital being the biggest and most popular private healthcare provider in Republic of Moldova in the summertime faces increased demand for medical services. The structure of patients in summertime has some specificities. The biggest outpatient flow in summer are citizens of Moldova that work abroad and come for one-month vacation and usually in this vacation they are trying to solve all medical issues that have been postponed for 1 year.

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Gender equality in the health sector

APRIL 2019. Regarding my experience as entrepreneur – I do not have my business, I am running a business, which is a slight difference. Nevertheless, of course I have to understand and forecast as accurate as possible external driving forces that influence the business that I am running. So, active role in society, communication with all stakeholders is a must for a person in top managerial position

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