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A sustainable family rehabilitation clinic

The Holsing Vital clinic has a very special DNA: a mixture of tradition transmitted from generation to generation for 300 years and a development philosophy based on the long term, the preservation of health and of the planet.

Jens F. Holsing, Director, Clinic Holsing Vital, Bad Holzhausen, Germany

“The very principle of rehabilitation is one of sustainability. We want the people who come to us to be physically, psychologically and mentally healthier after their stay, by changing their habits and lifestyle.

That’s why the company’s philosophy is not about quick profit, but about sustainability and long-term success.

On the road to carbon neutrality

In 2009, we decided to install a biomass power plant, mainly because we wanted to make an environmentally sustainable investment. From an economic point of view, especially in recent months, it was a very good decision. Thanks to the use of wood, we are CO2 neutral. We can heat our entire clinic with biomass. We also have a large solar installation and we try to produce as much electricity as possible. We are in the process of implementing charging points for electric cars.

Throughout the complex we have installed motion sensors and LED lights. We are also offering our employees an electric car rental package. This scheme is subsidised by the government and manufacturers and we want to make it available to our employees for their work commute. They are very satisfied with this offer, which allows them to drive an electric car at an affordable price and to participate in our sustainable development plan. We also offer the same system for bicycles and e-bikes. We see this as a step towards a more sustainable economy.

3 climate managers

We participated in the national KLIK (Climate Manager for Clinics) project, which trained 3 people in our hospital. The programme provided an opportunity to exchange with other clinics and we were able to help others and improve in some areas. For example, thanks to better menu planning, we have been able to reduce the amount of leftover food we were throwing away. Now patients can choose their menu and the quantity.

In addition, we sort waste and try to reduce it at source.

Well-being at work

We attach great importance to the health and well-being of our employees. The health professionals who are there for our patients must be given the same attention. On a daily basis, we offer them quality catering, with local products cooked for our patients, most of whom have to follow special diets. They also have access to the centre’s facilities, including sports facilities. A gym is available to them free of charge.

In general, we try to put our values into practice on a daily basis. For example, through our permaculture activities on the clinic premises, we encourage our staff to do the same at home and grow their own vegetables and fruit.”