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Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì: United we are stronger

MAY 2019.

By Averardo Orta , President of Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì

What is the place of your hospital group within the Italian healthcare system?

The Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì is a network of private hospitals and health and social care facilities operating in the Emilia Romagna Region (Italy), committed to create a new local and regional community welfare, able to give qualitative answers to increasingly complex needs, in a network with the territory, citizens and stakeholders.

The group has seen the quality of entrepreneurial initiatives grow as the new project, which is unique in its kind, involves the construction of a range of diagnostic-therapeutic and assistance paths for patients, in collaboration with Bocconi University. A result that comes thanks to a constant investment in scientific research, technologies, staff training at all levels.

What are the latest news of your group?

This year, the Consortium completes its first 10 years of activity, a goal made of qualitative growth and improvement of services. In recent years, our model has been the focus of study programs and visits by managerial delegations from all over the world. The challenge we are working on, taking advantage of the expert advice of the Bocconi University Management School, is to create and offer courses for the care and assistance of the citizen, in a regional network of services and structures connected to each other.

Averardo Orta , President of Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì

What are your main concerns?

In recent years, our organization has chosen to invest in quality, research, innovation and improvement of management systems without making any profits, in order to ensure the best provision and supply of services. Our motto “E pluribus unum” (by many, one) indicates the strength that each consortium represents for the other, as in an increasingly global context it is not possible to go forward as individual parts, but it is essential to unite, to reach increasingly ambitious goals together, benefiting the community, the territory, the economy. This is the model, difficult to replicate, on which Colibrì bases its policy.

What are your projects/perspectives for the next years?

Our projects are numerous, and range from scientific research to innovation, giving a look at virtuous models of health throughout the world. This is made possible thanks to a program of Study Tours, carried out every year, with the direct involvement of the consortium members: worth mentioning is the visit to the Baylor Scott & White Health of Dallas. It was subject of evaluation both on the rehabilitation and cardiology aspects, with interesting thoughts by the Consortium experts in their own fields of competence (clinical-assistance and organizational-management). We are convinced that the exchange of knowledge and experience at a global level can greatly increase our reality.

In your opinion, how can a private group like yours, best contribute to public health in your country?

Consorzio Ospedaliero Colibrì is part of the National Health System (SSN). Public and private are different and complementary sides of the same coin, as health is common goods and a right for everyone. All the consortium members, in line with Colibrì’s philosophy, are united by the commitment to take care of users and patients in an increasingly punctual, complete and innovative way. Each structure has its own history and experiences, its own cultural and professional know-how, which flow into the healthcare offer of the region and the country. In our opinion, this is already a contribution to the growth of the country’s well-being.