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Crisis in Ukraine, AIOP donates 50,000 euros to the Italian Red Cross

May 2022 – “As the Italian Association of Private Hospitals (AIOP), we have launched an urgent appeal to our institutions to make themselves available, throughout the country, to help the Ukrainian population fleeing the war”, said Barbara Cittadini, president of AIOP, in a press release. “We felt the need to actively participate in the help that our country offers in this dramatic situation, guaranteeing our full support to the action of the Italian Red Cross,” continued Cittadini.

“We are ready to ensure the reception, relief and assistance to those fleeing the war. A concrete support with the provision by the individual structures associated with the AIOP of the necessary health services, such as vaccines, medical examinations and health care, including specialized and complex care. An aid that we also wanted to value as a national AIOP, with an initial donation of 50,000 euros to the Italian Red Cross,” continues Cittadini.

“I have also invited our regional and autonomous province presidents to contact the respective presidents of the regions and autonomous provinces to find out what logistical-organizational measures they are preparing in favor of the war-affected populations, and to understand together what could be the best support that the associated structures, present in a capillary manner throughout the country, can offer, thus involving our membership base in a robust and well-organized health and economic solidarity action,” she explained.

Article published in the newsfeed of AIOP, May 2022