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EHPA awards 2022 – Best news coverage of the year

1st price: Heiligenfeld Kliniken, Bad Kissingen, Germany, for their Corona Burnout Journal

The Heiligenfeld clinics responded immediately to the psychosocial challenges of the Corona pandemic with support and therapy offers, also on long-Covid, and with a powerful communication tool: The Corona-Burnout Journal.

The journal provides an excellent impression around the topic of people’s mental stress. With clear and targeted messages for specific professional groups, such as medical staff, teachers, artists or even families, specific fears and concerns are addressed under the slogan “Crisis there, power gone!” The journal provides information about the psychological consequences of the pandemic, points out study results and gives tips for self-help in the context of prevention. Head physicians of the clinics make also individual statements on the topic. Scientific support for this campaign is provided by the Chair of Psychosomatic Medicine at the University of Regensburg.

Michael Lang, Iris Vollert

Iris Vollert, Head of Marketing, sees this result as an appreciation for professional and fast communication of the clinic group, as the Heiligenfeld clinics responded immediately to the psychosocial challenges of the Corona pandemic with strong support and therapy offers. “The fact that our Corona Burnout Journal was awarded “Best news coverage of the year” from such a prominent source shows that we as experts had our finger on the pulse,” adds Michael Lang, Managing Director Heiligenfeld.

Interview with Iris Vollert, Head of Marketing

Your hospital offers comprehensive care for psychological and psychosocial illnesses. What was the starting point and motivation for your publication?

Our starting point was the strict measures due to the Corona pandemic that people were faced with, e.g. contact restrictions, isolation, different fears and financial worries. Our motivation was not to leave people alone with their individual psychological burden. We wanted to draw attention to psychological and emotional stress situations and we wanted to show how people could cope with this crisis. Our news coverage helps to understand human behaviour in particular individual situations. The content was also intended to make people aware that crises can also be opportunities. Answers were given on how people can help themselves and strengthen their individual resilience.

In addition, we offer special therapeutic services in our clinics, e.g. for families, children, doctors, nurses, teachers, managers and freelancers, etc.

How was your newspaper distributed?

On the one hand, the newspaper was distributed through different marketing channels: we developed our own landing page with up-to-date information, we informed resident doctors and psychotherapists, hospitals, schools (teachers) and other professional groups, such as freelancers and self-employed people, police officers, who were confronted with high stress situations. In addition, doctors and psychologists in our clinics called their resident colleagues to inform them about our special therapy offers. In addition, various media reported on our campaign: national newspapers, local newspapers, radio, television, trade journals, etc.

What feedback did you receive?

On our landing page we were able to analyse more than 15,000 page views; more than 600 users downloaded our Corona-Burnout-Journal; about 500 people requested the journal themselves (pull strategy) by post.

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