European Union of Private Hospitals

EPHA awards 2022 – Best patient focused initiative

1st price DAS REHAPORTAL – Qualitaetskliniken.de, Germany

As an online public reporting platform, DAS REHAPORTAL powered by Qualitätskliniken.de, aims to compare rehab clinics based on easily understandable and scientifically based facts about the clinics’ quality. The platform also supports patients, relatives and professionals with their choice of an adequate clinic that matches the patients’ needs. By providing clear information on quality, equipment, the range of services and amenities, users can benchmark the participating clinics among each other.

The clinic ranking contains a variety of quality indicators such as quality of treatment, patient safety, patient satisfaction and organizational quality. The platform is the first and only service provider that is able to allocate a quality assessment based on the four quality “dimensions” mentioned above. Up to 100 quality indicators are used to evaluate rehabilitation clinics by DAS REHAPORTAL.

Data collection is executed according to scientific standards with a set of obligatory surveys and self-disclosures that lead into comparable results. Partaking clinics are particularly open to audits to evaluate the reported data. More than 61.000 people take part in the annual patient satisfactory survey only and at present.

The measurement is under constant further development. The latest projects where to implement Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) into the assessment. Several pilot studies have been executed, evaluated and put into future plannings.

Before the start of DAS REHAPORTAL, there was no publicly available quality data in the field of rehab facilities, neither for professionals nor for patients. Research has shown that public reporting has many benefits for the healthcare systems and for all involved parties. Therefore, the objective is to include as many rehab clinics in the German market as possible.