European Union of Private Hospitals

EPHA awards 2022 – Workplace excellence

1st price, Hospital da Luz, Portugal, for its Learning Health Simulation Centre

The Hospital da Luz Learning Health Clinical Simulation Centre, dedicated to training, research and innovation activities, is the largest in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe. It provides more than 100 simulators and mannequins with state-of-the-art technology for the training of current and future health professionals. The international jury of these awards distinguished Hospital da Luz for its bet “on the promotion of better working conditions and environment, with proven results in the optimisation of organisational performance and collaboration between professionals”.

The Hospital da Luz Learning Health Simulation Centre was created as an integral part of a comprehensive program that aims to seek excellence in the provision of care, in which safety, reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value for the patient is a permanent concern.

By understanding that healthcare is rapidly changing and that the challenges of today will likely be obsolete tomorrow, it is of paramount importance to start preparing the healthcare professionals of the future for the “new normal”. These professionals will have a new set of skills that will allow them to effectively integrate new knowledge and technology in their daily practice, never losing sight of what matters the most: to care for a patient in need.

At the Simulation Centre we promote learning by doing, stimulate critical thinking and strengthen decision-making. By ensuring that training, research and innovation go hand in hand, we seek to transform individuals into teams, integrate talent with technology and promote a positive attitude towards change.

We plan, develop and evaluate training and simulation programs for professionals working in health care, inside and outside the Luz Saúde Group, in order to achieve high levels of performance and clinical excellence. We offer a broad spectrum of learning and training opportunities, from scientific events to advanced simulation training courses, addressing different levels of competence in a dynamic and safe environment.

We also develop, promote and support research that adds value to patients. With a strong component of advanced analytical methods and human factors engineering, we aim to maximize value for patients by addressing challenges in clinical research, operations, clinical practice, and patient experience.

As the Hospital da Luz gateway to innovation, we develop, promote, and support an environment of open innovation, providing the necessary resources for the creation of new products and services, from idea conception, prototyping and piloting, to market positioning.

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