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EPHA Awards finalist 2022 – Greenest Hospital in Europe – Irccs San Raffaele Hospital

Iceberg, a smart emergency and surgery building

Irccs San Raffaele Hospital

The new ICEBERG building – new surgical and emergency centre, was designed and built to increase the health service of the San Raffaele Hospital, to improve patient management, to allow the relocation of operating units so as to be able to renovate other hospital blocks.

The building is in line with the priorities of the national health plan and the Lombardia health plan

A competition of ideas was held to choose the best project.

For the design of the ICEBERG building, several engineering and architecture firms were involved, which contributed to the design of the building and its construction.

A competition of ideas was held to choose the best project. The architects and the designated engineering firms have carried out several workshops in San Raffaele Hospital with the operational management, the health management, the technical management, to share the design and execution path.

ICEBERG was built in the centre of the San Raffaele complex. It catalyses all health services dealing with health emergencies.

The first aid, included in the regional health system, serves the area of Milan and the east interland. The operating theaters and surgical departments created meet the previous needs by increasing the service by 18%.

A building designed and built according to the LEED protocol.

The facade of the building, despite being completely glased, was created considering the different exposures to the sun, allowing not to waste energy while conserving that introduced. There are vertical brise soleil that architecturally characterise the building and reduce internal solar radiation

The building is designed and built according to LEED standards to obtain certification. The entire design of the building, the construction, the outline in which it is inserted, allows for a LEED GOLD certificate.

Some of the materials used in construction contain a percentage of recycled material. All the materials used are traceable and possess such characteristics that allow for the achievement of high LEED standards.

The ICEBERG building, compared to the buildings in the complex, allows for high energy savings. The dissipation of thermal energy is very low and the BMS management system allows you to promptly control accidental dispersions.

The building develops vertically, all the services necessary to manage health emergencies are fulfilled internally without the need for horizontal routes to other buildings in the San Raffaele complex.

The patient’s path is emergency / radiology / surgery / hospitalisation

The path of health workers is locker room / study / hospitalisation – surgery.

A smart hospital

The building was designed and built according to the LEED protocol. All systems are interconnected and managed by the SIEMENS DESIGO system, which collects all data from the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems, thus optimising energy consumption and reducing thermal dispersion. It is possible to have precise control of each heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) machine, each room, as well as monitoring the consumption of electricity, superheated fluids, hot fluids and refrigerated fluids from the trigeneration plant.

The building’s lighting system is implemented with BMS controlled LED lighting for reduced energy consumption.

The BMS management system allows extrapolation of management and consumption data. Analysing the data of the ICEBERG building in comparison to a building of similar size and services within the San Raffaele complex, it is clear that the structure built fully meets the inputs of the project, highlighting how an energy efficient structure reduces energy consumption and costs for the whole hospital complex.

An integrated project

The San Donato Group fully financed the intervention. The construction required the use of new health and technological equipment, optimising patient management time.

The human resources were increased along with the number of beds, but the efficiency of the management of the service was improved.

The patient who is received in the emergency room or in a ward is treated in the same building, moving from one health area to another is done with lifts, which reduces discomfort.

San Raffaele Hospital has a customer care management system that monitors each individual patient.

The structure can be replicated anywhere, but the financial commitment is of primary importance.

The ICEBERG building is a special case. Within the San Raffaele complex, a barycentric surface was available which allowed the building to be built as a new emergency centre, improving the management of healthcare flows, patient management and the use of human resources.

The San Donato Group has already included other similar initiatives in its industrial programmes for its healthcare facilities.

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