European Union of Private Hospitals

European Private Hospital Awards 2023

The second edition of the European Private Hospital Awards – held in Lisbon, on May 25, at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes – awarded Portugal, Spain, Italy and Poland, in a ceremony attended by representatives of the European Health sector, including the Portuguese Health Minister, Dr. Manuel Pizarro.

The winners of the second edition of these awards, created last year in the scope of the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) on the initiative of the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals (APHP), were:

Recoletas Hospital, in Zamora, Spain

CUF – Hospitals and Clinics, Portugal

Lusíadas Saúde, Portugal

IRCCS Policlínico San Donato, Italy

Hospital da Luz, Portugal

Medicover Hospital, Poland

CUF – Hospitals and Clinics, Portugal


The Jury (view HERE)


Armindo Monteiro, President of CIP – The Portuguese Business Confederation, Dr. Manuel Pizarro, Portuguese Health Minister, Dr. Paul Garassus, President of UEHP, Oscar Gaspar, President of APHP, Ilaria Giannico, UEHP Secretary General, Ivone Werner, UEHP Executive Assistant

Oscar Gaspar, President of APHP

“The Portuguese Association of Private Hospitals and the UEHP are convinced that these annual awards given to the most outstanding private hospitals is a good way of promoting best practice and highlighting the mission of private hospitals and their role in the various healthcare systems.

The high number of applications we received shows that private hospitals in Europe are very dynamic and have many examples to showcase. People need them and we are working hard to improve the health of all citizens. I would like to thank the national private hospital associations and our independent international jury, who worked at great speed to ensure that the prizes were awarded fairly.”

Dr. Manuel Pizarro, Portuguese Health Minister

“The awards prove the vitality and the high performance of private hospitals in Portugal. It is very important to present the good work done in Portugal to other European countries as the health sector is quite central in the organization of society.

We should look at the private and public sectors as a cooperation relation, not as a competitive relation. The main concerns of private hospitals are the same of those the public sector is facing. We should enable cooperations with both sectors to provide citizens with the most modern healthcare, and insure at the same time a financial sustainability for the public sector.”

Dr. Paul Garassus, President of UEHP

“I would like to pay tribute to the involvement of a profession which, through an event such as this, is expressing the strength of its commitment to ensuring that European citizens have access to healthcare. Whether the problems are political or economic, Europe has always been strong in the collective defense of its interests. Today, we are working for the next generation, and we must protect these achievements, which are our shared values, including the environment in our major hospitals. Faced with the challenges that lie ahead – inflation, economic instability – we believe that the commitment of the private hospital sector is a major factor in health efficiency. Its quality accounts for nearly a quarter of all hospital beds. Our service offer is a commitment capable of strengthening European social models.”