European Union of Private Hospitals

FHP Hospitals Awards 2022

Last 23 November, our French member – Federation de l’Hospitalisation Privé (FHP) – organized the award ceremony of their annual FHP Hospitals Trophies (Trophées de la FHP). The event reached its 14th edition and it was the occasion to showcase remarkable and innovative initiatives implemented by French private hospitals. More than 90 people attended the ceremony in Paris, with five winners, resulting from the deliberations of the 20 members of the jury, plus a very special “coup de coeur” Prize:

  • The Victor Pauchet Clinic, Amiens (SantéCité) in the “Innovation” category;
  • The CHP Brest Pasteur (Vivalto Santé group) in the “Attractiveness and promotion of professions” category;
  • Villeneuve d’Ascq private hospital (Ramsay Santé group) in the “Ecological and societal transformation” category;
  • The Polyclinique Montréal, Carcassonne (ELSAN group) in the “Digital” category;
  • The Clinique de Verdaich, Gaillac-Toulza (Independent) in the “Expression of health democracy” category;
  • The Marcel Sembat Clinic, Boulogne-Billancourt (Ramsay Santé group), “coup de coeur” special prize.

Our President, Dr Paul GARASSUS, was member of the prestigious jury and rapporteur of the category “Ecological & societal transformation”. He handed over the prize to Hôpital privé de Villeneuve d’Asq (Ramsay Santé group), winner of the category, for their project on Limitation of environmental impacts in the practices of professionals and patients.

Dr Paul Garassus, President of UEHP

Since 2021 Villeneuve d’Ascq Private Hospital has undertaken different measures to reduce the footprint of its activities on the environment and to improve biodiversity, noise pollution, waste management, air quality, energy and water savings, mobility. To date, the hospital is committed to becoming a “eco-responsible maternity”.

Created by the Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP), this event is an opportunity to highlight actions in the healthcare sector that make the difference and to recall the commitment of private hospitals and clinics, physicians and health personnel at the service of patients.

Congrats to the winners! Keep up the impressive work.