European Union of Private Hospitals

HBI London 2024

Europe’s healthcare finance community met in London on the 10th June for the last time. Indeed, the forthcoming editions will migrate to the “continent” to Paris from 2025 onwards. With its strong past and tradition, HBI 2024 was, as usual, the place to be for important exchanges and information on the private hospital sector.

Robert Möller presented the new strategy of Helios, Europe’s leading healthcare provider. Hedley Goldberg, from Banque Rotschild, gave an overview of the M&A context, which has stalled this year due to the pressure on interest rates. Environmental issues were also addressed, in particular by ING on the responsibility and support of the financial sector in this global challenge. And there is no issue as central to the transformation of our organisations as digital technology and AI. Many other interactions were discussed, particularly in relation to international projects.

We wish the new HBI management team every success and welcome the particular interest shown in this exceptional meeting.