European Union of Private Hospitals

HM Hospitales, a growing private hospital group

MARCH 2019.

By Dr. Juan Abarca Cidón, President of HM Hospitales.

What is the position of HM Hospitales in Spain (in the healthcare landscape)?

The HM Hospitales group is one of the leading private healthcare operator in Spain with 15 general hospitals, 21 polyclinics and 4 specialised centres in Oncology, Cardiology, Neurosciences and Fertility, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia, León and Toledo. 4700 professionals work for the group, which offers healthcare excellence in addition to research, education, constant technological innovation and publication of clinical research results.

What are the latest news of your group ?

In 2018 HM Hospitales took a step forward with the creation of a healthcare project at the national scale thanks to the establishment of the group in Barcelona with the incorporation of Hospital HM Delfos. With its presence in Catalonia, the HM Hospitales group has extended its healthcare network to a Spanish geographical area with the biggest population and the most prevalent rate of double insurance. The HM Hospitales group gave rise to a private health project centred on the patient and with a true national dimension.

What are your main goals ?

The HM Hospitales group’s main goal is to provide to its patients the highest quality of care through an unwavering commitment to research, education and permanent technological innovation. In our hospitals, all these aspects operate in a coordinated manner to offer a comprehensive coverage of healthcare needs. One of the hallmarks of HM Hospitales is the network operation of all its hospitals so that the processes, care delivery and protocols are the same for all patients, regardless of their geographic location.

What are your projects/perspectives for the upcoming years ?

HM Hospitales aims to consolidate itself as a Group of private hospitals of reference in Spain with a national project that offers health services of the highest quality level to the Spanish population with double insurance. To achieve this goal, the Group is firmly committed to the continuous training of its health professionals, to the incorporation of innovative technology and the promotion of research. In this area, all the research activity is centralized through the ‘Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales’ (HM Hospitals Research Foundation), which aims to turn HM Hospitals into one of the world’s leading hospital companies with the greatest scientific impact. In fact, HM Hospitales has reached 1245,671 points of cumulative impact and an average impact index of 5.85 caused by the 213 scientific publications produced in 2018.

Finally, in order to keep up with the evolution of time, HM Hospitales have been undergoing a Digital Transformation Plan with a 20 million euro investment directed to the transformation of healthcare and administrative processes through the use of the latest technology with the main objective of improving efficiency and the transparency in its relationship with the patients.

In your opinion, how can a private group like HM Hospitales, best contribute to public health in your country ?

HM Hospitales sees itself as an effective part of the health ecosystem in Spain, composed of public and private institutions. In this sense, the Group offers an alternative to more than 10 million Spanish citizens who voluntarily decide to contract a private health insurance. A fact that, by all accounts, contributes to the sustainability and viability of Public Health in Spain.