European Union of Private Hospitals

In France, the Saint Roch Clinic in Cambrai has already exceeded the Paris Agreements

The establishment carried out its first carbon assessment in 2010. First measure, then act. In the wake of this, the teams applied the principles of an eco-gesture charter “that we put into practice every day with our employees”, explains Fabien Leloir, quality and risk management manager.

Three assessments were then carried out. “Scopes 1 and 2 are the mandatory parts of the balance sheet, which look at the direct emissions used for heating and cooling. Scope 3, on the other hand, is optional, but it is the most interesting because it refines the analysis by taking into account all the other forms of indirect emissions and makes sense. For example: the purchase of raw materials, services or other products, employee travel, upstream and downstream transport of goods, waste management, use and end of life of products and services sold, immobilisation of production goods and equipment, etc.

In 2019, scope 3 represented 95% of the establishment’s total greenhouse gas emissions, which means 3,243 tonnes of CO2 equivalent out of a total of 3,836 tonnes. While our initial objectives were to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, we achieved a 52% reduction. The Clinique Saint Roch has already exceeded the Paris Agreements which set a 40% reduction by 2030!