European Union of Private Hospitals

International Nurses Day 2022

May 2022 – Last 12th May, we celebrated the International Nurses Day! Our Secretary General, Ms Giannico, was invited as a speaker to the celebration in Brussels by ESNO, the European Specialist Nurses Organisation together with the colleagues from DG SANTE, EPHA, etc. She contributed to the discussion bringing the private hospitals perspective on the major challenges the sector is facing and the need to find common solutions at EU level.

Ms Giannico stressed the need to tackle staff shortages, implement policies for recruitment and retention of healthcare workforce, rethink the training and education of nurses, create a framework for nurses to grow and develop their careers in the hospital environment and take care of who takes care of our patients.

Thank you ESNO for inviting us and congratulations on the launch of your new campaign “Decade of specialist nurses 2020 – 2030“.