European Union of Private Hospitals

Prof. Gabriele Pelissero elected President of AIOP

Last 8 June, during the 61st AIOP General Assembly, Prof. Gabriele Pelissero was elected President of the Italian Association of Private Hospitals (AIOP) for the four-year term 2024 – 2028.

National Vice Presidents were also elected as follows: Barbara Cittadini, Sergio Crispino, Francesco G. Galli, Federico Guidoni, Fabio Marchi, Luciano Natali , Michele Nicchio, Maurizio Pigozzi, Andrea Pirastu, Giuseppe Puntin, Ettore Sansavini.

Prof. Gabriele Pelissero succeeds Mrs Barbara Cittadini, who has led the Association for the last six years. The election of the new President fits into a journey of profound renewal started by AIOP, opening up to the social sector and to local and territorial healthcare. In line with the times we are living, AIOP is internally transforming itself, undertaking the challenge that is expected from the National Health System itself: rethinking the overall structure of the welfare system, in a integrated perspective.

On the occasion of the 61st General Assembly of AIOP, the newly elected President, Prof. Gabriele Pelissero, shared some reflections on the Italian and European macroeconomic scenario and on the health policies of the last twenty years. Below is an excerpt of his speech:

Reality is constantly changing and last week’s draft measures proposed by the Italian Government aimed at reducing waiting lists for healthcare services in Italy has demonstrated this once more. We must be dynamic and be prepared to intervene and respond in a timely and appropriate manner to the stresses and challenges that arise in the healthcare system putting it under constant pressure.

In addition, the European elections in recent days and the renewal of the European Parliament remind us of how fundamental it is to not to neglect the international framework and the comparison with the other EU Member States.