European Union of Private Hospitals

Report available – UEHP/Relyens Workshop “Digital health: Navigating opportunities and new risks”

Last 7 March, UEHP held the 5th edition of its annual workshop on risk management in hospitals, in close partnership with its associate member Relyens.

This year’s edition focused on “Digital health: Navigating opportunities and new risks”.

Digital technology has become an integral part of our professional practices, challenging hospitals and the healthcare sector as a whole to undergo a major transformation. While the digitization of health offers data-driven solutions for improving the quality and safety of care, it is also a source of new risks.

From discussing the use of AI, to exploring innovative clinical practices, each working session was a source of inspiration and mutual learning. Participants had the opportunity to interactively exchange with the speakers, share best practices and gain a better understanding of the evolving digital healthcare landscape, addressing both its promising opportunities and the challenges it poses when it comes to security and ethics.

We are pleased to have facilitated this rich and constructive collaboration and we thank Relyens for their support and amazing work.

We are glad to make the summary of these exchanges available to you today. To download the full report

Next edition of the workshop is coming soon!