European Union of Private Hospitals

MedLife, the largest private healthcare service provider in Romania.


What is the place of your hospitals group within the Romanian healthcare system?

MedLife is the largest private healthcare service provider in Romania. In the 22 years of MedLife’s activity, we are delighted to say that it has been through our actions that we have taken medicine to a different level, we have contributed to the accomplishment of important performances in the Romanian healthcare sector and we have proven Romanian patients that they can find, in their home country, the same expertise, technology and methods of treatment as they would find abroad, as well as extraordinary physicians, for whom the patients’ health comes first.

Patients need full solutions, both for their diagnostic and for their treatment. That is why we developed the MedLifeHealthcare System, which includes clinics, laboratories, hospitals, maternity hospitals, centres of excellence, pharmacies and a stem cell bank, and it provides integrated healthcare services under the same roof.

As regards its national coverage, MedLife means: 50 clinics, 20 hyperclinics, 155 sample collection units, 12 pharmacies, 10 hospitals, 10 dentistry centres, 4 maternity hospitals, 33 laboratories, 1 stem cell bank.

The healthcare team comprises 2500 physicians and 1800 nurses, and over 5 million patients have visited us over the years.

What is the shape and the history of your group?

MedLife is a company that has developed organically and by associating with local entrepreneurs, with whom it has managed to build stronger centres. The MedLife Healthcare System did not choose a single niche – laboratory, clinical investigations, hospital, or corporate, but instead it chose all four. Consequently, the MedLife structure is a balanced one.

MedLife is a business built by Romanians, with Romanians, for Romanian medicine.

MedLife has consolidated its nationwide position both with its 20 acquisitions and by developing greenfield locations in key cities of Romania. The most important acquisitions in the past 3 years: DENT ESTET, Anima and Polisano.

The MedLife Healthcare System is the only private healthcare company that comprises a second brand – Sfanta Maria laboratories.

What are your projects / prospects for the coming years?

MedLife will continue to invest in large-scale projects in development, extension, innovation and medical technology, but most of all in digitalisation and online media. At the same time, we have launched actions to see to what extent MedLifecan be present with its own units in neighbouring countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, or Serbia.

In your opinion, in which way does your group best contribute to public health in your country?

MedLife, through Sfanta Maria brand, is one of the largest private outpatient healthcare service providers having an agreement with the National Health Insurance House (CNAS). Sfanta Maria has a large network of general practitioners and specialist physicians having agreements with CNAS, it is a financially solid company, with a good quality of the medical act.