European Union of Private Hospitals

ASPE received the New Medical Economics Awards


The Spanish Private Health Alliance (Alianza de la Sanidad Privada Española – ASPE) has been distinguished with the New Medical Economics Award, in the category of “Internationalization of Spanish activity”.

The award has been handed to its President Cristina Contel, also vice-President of UEHP. In her speech, Cristina Contel highlighted the importance of the collaboration between private and public healthcare sectors in Spain, placing the Spanish NHS at the top of the European health systems ranking list.

Among the reasons that have made ASPE worthy of this distinction, is the co-creation by ASPE of Spaincares, a health tourism cluster, which promotes the quality of Spanish healthcare facilities and tourism around the world, encouraging the venue of medical tourists in Spain.

Likewise, the fact that the President of ASPE was elected Vice-President of the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP), the attendance of ASPE Secretary General Carlos Rus at a healthcare leader meeting in Mexico, or the organization by ASPE of the 1st Iberian Summit of Private Health, have also been strong reasons to obtain this award.

The Spanish Private Health Alliance federates more than 600 health facilities and represents about 80% of the private hospital sector in Spain. The private sector represents 56% of the total number of Spanish hospitals. ASPE strives to give value to the private healthcare sector in Spain, which employs more than 260.000 professionals and represents 3.5% of Spanish GDP.

Picture – Left: Cristina Contel, President of Alianza de la Sanidad Privada Española – ASPE