European Union of Private Hospitals

Swiss Medical Network, a multi-faceted group


What is the place of your hospitals group within the Swiss healthcare system?

Swiss medical network is one of the two leading private hospital groups in Switzerland. With 19 clinics and medical centers located in the three language regions of the country, patients from Switzerland and abroad receive first-class hospital treatments, care and nursing. With our presence in 11 cantons, our hospital group is an important partner in political discussions and negociations at federal level.

What are the lastest news and projects in your clinic group?

We recently took over the surgical activity of the Siloah clinic in the canton of Bern. As part of this acquisition, Swiss Medical Network will safeguard jobs and will invest CHF 5 to 10 million in infrastructure development over the next three years. The services and regional positioning of this interdisciplinary site will be strengthened by the integration of those activities into a group with strong national roots.

In parallel, we also acquired the two medical centers of MedGate (Solothurn and Zurich Oerlikon). We attach great importance to the development of integrated services.

Which topics will occupy you most in the coming years?

In general, we are closely monitoring the development of healthcare and seeking innovative solutions that address the needs and expectations of patients.

In the short term, there is the question of financing outpatient care. The financing patterns for inpatient and outpatient care strongly differ from each other, especially with regard to the part supported by the state (i.e. the cantons). Paradoxically, this situation benefits inpatient care and disadvantages ambulatory care. This also contributes to the explosion of healthcare costs and significantly burdens the insured persons’ budget.

In your opinion, in which way does your group best contribute to public health in your country?

The health system in Switzerland is complex. Federal laws are enforced by the cantons. So we have 26 cantons and potentially as many different systems. Our intercantonal activities give us a very good overview of these divergences, positive and negative. Our contribution is to point out the dysfunctions and to change some of the cantonal health practices. For this we favor private-public partnerships. In this way, we aim to demonstrate to the population and the authorities the complementarity of both private and public sectors, in order to create a fair competition and stabilize costs while maintaining a high quality of services.

Swiss Medical Network Group ensures that the identity of each of the clinics belonging to the group is respected. Each clinic maintains and even reenforces its regional integration in order to provide high-level quality of care to the local population. The group membership offers new perspectives: networking, exchange of experience and digitalization support.

What should be done to increase the proportion of private clinics in Europe?

In Europe as well as in Switzerland, health systems are in full development. The various stake holders question their role in the future. Respecting the needs of current and future patients, investing in innovative solutions and ensuring that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are always paramount, is essential for anyone wishing to play a role in the future. In this regard private clinics, or at least some of them, today seem to be better positioned.

Swiss Medical Network SA belongs to Aevis Victoria SA, which also owns a hotel group managing five luxury hotels in Switzerland, a hospitals and hospitality real estate division comprising 44 properties, Medgate, the leading telemedicine provider in Switzerland, and NESCENS SA, a brand dedicated to better aging.