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A study sheds light on cross-subsidising of hospitals in Switzerland


A study carried out by the University of Basel shows the extent of the potential damage of the inadequate cantonal governance of hospital funding. The study, which examines the differences in rates and financing between the different cantons as well as between public hospitals and private hospitals, calls for greater transparency in this area. With this study, it is possible, for the first time, to quantify the extent of the potential damage caused by the multiplicity of roles played by the cantons:

  • Insured persons and taxpayers contribute unnecessarily to the insurance fund: in 2013, cross-subsidies amounted to a total of 3.4 billion Swiss francs. Of this amount, it turned out that only 2.6 billion francs were paid by the cantons in respect of services of general interest. Close to 800 million francs clearly disappeared into limbo.
  • The study delivers significant indicators that public hospitals benefit from subsidises through unjustified investments and unnecessarily high basic tarifs. This is illegal!
  • The cantons allot funds to public service providers for services of general interest most inequitably (only 3.12% of these benefits were allotted to private clinics in 2013, and 96.88% to public hospitals).