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The C4U2BE by Helios, quickly and locally accessible medicine for everyone

May 2022 – In April 2022, Europe’s leading private healthcare provider Helios presented a novel concept for improving healthcare worldwide in Leipzig: Care for you to be (C4U2BE) or CUBE for short.

As a walk-in solution or after the initial digital contact with a telemedicine doctor via video consultation, people can perform necessary medical examinations in the CUBE under the guidance of specialists. CUBE enables diagnostics such as X-ray, ultrasound, blood pressure and eye pressure measurement in one physical unit. The results are made directly available to cooperating doctors via an app, so that further therapy can be started directly after the visit to a CUBE.

The CUBE can be set up flexibly anywhere, for example in shopping centres or as a stand-alone solution. As a mobile and globally adaptable medical complex, the CUBE contains flexibly adaptable digital, telemedical and physical units. It can be set up anywhere in the world where people have not yet had adequate access to medical care.

“Often, the necessary financial resources and qualified personnel are lacking to establish their own medical infrastructure locally across the board. CUBE offers exactly that: from our existing network of medical experts, we transport quality medicine digitally to the world. This means that only minimal local investment in technical infrastructure is required,” emphasized Dr. Francesco De Meo, CEO of Helios Health, at the presentation of the CUBE in Leipzig.

Article published in the newsfeed of BDPK, May 2022