European Union of Private Hospitals

The healthcare private sector is an economic engine


According to the 2019 Global Medical Trends report, the Spanish private healthcare sector will represent 4% of GDP in 2019, 0,5% more than in 2018.

According to Cristina Contel, President of the Alliance of Private Health in Spain (ASPE) and UEHP Vice-President, “the private healthcare sector is a key player in Spain and an indispensable partner of public health that ensures the proper functioning of the National Health System. It also plays a very important role in the Spanish economy. If we take into account the sectors indirectly involved like construction, textile, food, technology, transport, etc., there is no doubt about its potential as an economic sector now and in the future.”

For this reason, ASPE reminds us of the importance of not politicizing healthcare or taking decisions that put at risk a growing sector. “We can not forget that more than 260,000 professionals work in the private healthcare sector or that the Spanish healthcare system would not work without the collaboration of the private sector“, recalls Cristina Contel.

Policy measures can have serious consequences if they are not taken according to factors such as efficiency and the improvement of the functioning of the healthcare system. For Cristina Contel, “It is important to maintain the efforts so that the Spanish private healthcare sector continues to be the engine at both health and economic levels, and is recognized as such.”

The Spanish Private Health Alliance federates more than 600 health facilities and represents about 80% of the private hospital sector in Spain. The private sector represents 56% of the total number of Spanish hospitals. ASPE strives to give value to the private healthcare sector in Spain, which employs more than 260.000 professionals and represents 3.5% of Spanish GDP.