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The main priorities for the private health sector in Monaco in 2024

By Guy Nervo, President of the Monegasque Association of Health and Social Sector Establishments (Syndicat Patronal Monégasque des Etablissements du Secteur Sanitaire et Social)

Current health situation in Monaco

The health situation in the Principality is based on the complementary nature of both public and private facilities.

This is why some of them, such as the Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Centre, have been qualified as Private Hospitals participating in the Principality’s Public Service.

This is a major thrust of the Monaco Government’s policy in this area, enabling it to provide optimum care for the Principality’s residents and those with social insurance, as well as for French and Italian nationals within the framework of agreements.

Priorities for 2024

For over a decade, the Principality of Monaco has been reflecting on its attractiveness and implementing an effective action plan.

It has focused on health, which is a major pillar of its public policy, to attract new residents and meet local and regional demand for healthcare.

The fundamental objective of this strategy is to perpetuate the excellence of Monaco’s healthcare system, based on the skills of its practitioners, the ongoing acquisition of cutting-edge equipment and digital transformation, e-health.

This objective, which is also shared and supported by our Association, is not only a constant priority for Monegasque health establishments, but also a unifying element that enables the various healthcare organisations in the Principality to complement each other efficiently.