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The Polish Association of Private Hospitals (OSSP) is mobilising to help Ukraine

APRIL 2022 – The Polish Federation of Private Hospitals, an active member of the UEHP, is very close to the humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine. Historically, we have relations with Ukrainian hospitals, we are neighbours, our languages are similar, our history is similar. We have received calls for help from several Ukrainian hospitals that are experiencing serious difficulties in obtaining medical supplies, which they can no longer order or pay for. The Polish Hospital Federation has therefore appealed for donations, drawing on its own financial reserves, to order essential medical devices and transport them to Ukraine, sometimes in very dangerous conditions.

We have already organised transports to Ukraine on 26 and 27 March with, among other things, 3 ambulances and first aid kits worth 216,000 euros, then on 9, 10 and again on 14 and 15 April, all in collaboration with a group of private clinics in Vienna (Austria), the Medical Mission Foundation in Łódź and the Foundation for the Preservation of Industrial Heritage in Silesia (Poland), the Evangelical Community in Germany, the international aid operation #HelpForUkraine, the Medical Mission Foundation and the Szeptycki Family Foundation.

More than 2.5 million people, mainly women and children, are currently on Polish soil. They are being cared for and housed mainly in private homes, which are showing great generosity in welcoming them with the greatest possible dignity. I myself am hosting 51 people.

Polish NGOs and foundations are doing their best to organise and provide aid. This relief campaign is raising funds and materials for more than 50 non-profit organisations that are providing help where it is most needed. Our cooperation allows us to provide comprehensive assistance in many areas, from infant formula and health care products to bullet-proof waistcoats and helmets for the army.

How can private health facilities help?

A call centre has been set up to collect orders from Ukrainian hospitals. The purchase and transport are then organised.

The needs are: dressing materials, antibiotics, painkillers, including narcotic preparations, surgical instruments (general surgery, vascular surgery, trauma surgery), blood substitutes, tactical first aid kit, shock kits, antiseptic preparations, haemostatic agents (CAT; spongostan, etc.), portable ultrasound and X-ray machines, torches, batteries of various sizes, bed linen, duvets, adult nappies, diesel or petrol generators.

Contact: ewa.swat@vita-management.pl

Tel: +48 600064011 | http://www.szpitale.org/

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