European Union of Private Hospitals

UEHP at the PALMED National Conference

Picture from left to right: Cristian Hotoboc, Président of PALMED, Ilaria Giannico, UEHP Secretary General, Krasimir Grudev, President of the National Association of Private Hospitals Bulgaria

UEHP was kindly invited to the National Conference of the Patronage of Private Medical Service Providers in Romania – PALMED, Edition 2023, which took place again this year in Mamaia (Constanța) on 9-11 June.

The conference brought together representatives of the authorities and institutions, as well as key stakeholders in the healthcare sectors, members and partners of PALMED, as well as international guests. It was the occasion to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field of medical services both at national and European level. The conference offered a platform for dialogue and exchange of experience between professionals and promoted the sustainable development of medical services in Romania.

“Congratulations for your commitment (not the private segment of medical services) to share the best practices from your activity, which significantly contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of medical care for the benefit of patients in Romania. The private sector of medical services in Romania plays an important role in promoting prevention and health among the population. This sector has the capacity to provide preventive healthcare and educate patients about maintaining optimal health.” transmitted, through a video message, the President of CNAS, Prof. Dr. Adela Cojan.

Dr. Florian Bodog, Member of the Public Health Commission of the Romanian Senate, emphasized the importance of collaboration between professionals in the healthcare system, regardless of the form of ownership, as everyone’s objective is the good of the patient and an optimal response to the health needs of the population.

One of the central themes of the PALMED Conference was the quality and safety of medical services. Participants discussed the quality standards and protocols that should be implemented given the importance of ensuring high quality patient care. Present at the conference, Valentin Ciocan, the President of the National Authority for Quality Management in Health, welcomed the collaboration that the institution he represents has with the PALMED team, emphasizing at the same time the need for a greater number of specialists to respond to the calls that ANMCS periodically releases them to fill the positions of evaluators.

Topics such as access to medicines and collaboration with UNIFARM were also addressed, the director of the institution, Adrian Dobre, recalling the fact that if in 2022 there is no medical service provider in a contractual relationship with the institution he leads, in 2023 , their number exceeded a thousand.

Another important theme of the conference was the digitization of medical services and optimization with the help of innovations in the field. Participants explored ways technology can improve access to medical services, patient monitoring and efficient management of medical data. Innovative solutions and examples of good practices in this field were presented, highlighting the potential for increasing the quality and efficiency of medical services.

PALMED welcomed the presence and collaboration we have with the representatives of the World Health Organization – the Office in Romania and those of the European Union of Private Hospitals. Ilaria Giannico, Secretary General of the association, delivered a presentation on UEHP structure and activities and the main EU files relevant for the healthcare sector currently discussed by the European Institutions.  She also reminded the selection of Romania – through PALMED – as host of the third edition of the excellence awards offered by UEHP, an event that will take place in May 2024.

Joining for the first time was the President of the National Association of Private Hospitals Bulgaria, Krasimir Grudev, who delivered a presentation on the organization and financing of the healthcare system in Bulgaria.

The National Conference of Employers of Private Medical Service Providers from Romania – PALMED – proved once again the importance of the private medical sector in providing quality services and represented yet another important step towards the development and consolidation of this segment in our country.

More at: https://www.palmed-patronat.ro/conferinta-nationala-palmed-2023/