European Union of Private Hospitals

UEHP attends the 1st meeting of the formal stakeholder body created under the HTA Regulation

The inaugural meeting of the Health Technology Assessment Stakeholder Network took place in Brussels on 14 June. The meeting marks the creation of a formal stakeholder body under the Health Technology Assessment Regulation. 59 representatives from 45 stakeholder organisations as well as representatives of 16 Member States in the Health Technology Assessment Coordination Group attended the meeting, included UEHP presented by Dr Garassus, President, and Ms Giannico, Secretary General. The European Medicines Agency was also invited.

The meeting was an opportunity for the participants to exchange information about the implementation of the EU Health Technology Assessment Regulation. Members discussed the role of stakeholders in the implementation of the Regulation and the draft Terms of Reference of the HTA Stakeholder Network. Specific breakout sessions were organised on the four strands of the joint work: developing methodological and procedural guidance, joint clinical assessments, joint scientific consultations and identification of emerging health technologies. The meeting highlighted the important role that stakeholders will play and the rich and diverse expertise that they can offer in the implementation of the regulation. The next meeting is planned to take place before the end of this year.

More information: Health Technology Assessment – EC webpage