European Union of Private Hospitals

UEHP/Relyens Workshop “Digital health: Navigating opportunities and new risks”

Last 7 March, we held the 5th annual workshop in partnership with our Associate member, Relyens, on “Digital health: Navigating opportunities and new risks”, where we discussed about digital health, cybersecurity and new risks.

Digital technology has become an integral part of our professional practices, challenging hospitals and the healthcare sector as a whole to undergo a major transformation. While the digitization of health offers data-driven solutions for improving the quality and safety of care, it is also a source of new risks.

The workshop provided a lively platform for discussion, sharing of best practices from the main private hospitals groups in Europe and gaining a better understanding of the evolving digital healthcare landscape, addressing both its promising opportunities and the challenges it poses when it comes to security and ethics. With this series of workshops we are building a community of European experts shaping the future of healthcare.

Debates went on in a very practical and interactive way around three main themes:

  • EU Health Data Space, Artificial Intelligence and ethics, data security and emerging risks, medical practices changed by new technologies
  • Best practices and testimonials from the big private hospitals in Europe on how to best react in the event of crisis and how to protect our patients
  • The future of digital health: improving the efficiency of medical services, showcasing the revolutionary digital solutions that are transforming healthcare delivery

A detailed report of the day will be issued soon, stay tuned!