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Vivalto Santé begins strong development in Europe

Vivalto Santé has begun a strong development in Europe based on its unique model of shared governance with doctors and a company with a mission that guides its major projects.

Vivalto Santé, the third largest private hospital group in France, takes on a European dimension by setting up operations in 5 countries (Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), thus doubling the size of its business.

As the first “company with a mission” in the healthcare sector, the group is strengthening its mode of governance and shareholding shared with doctors and is implementing actions to meet the expectations of employees and patients in a particularly difficult period for the healthcare sector.

Created in 2009 with the acquisition of 3 establishments in Brittany, the Vivalto Santé group now has 50 hospitals and clinics in France and is extending its development to Europe:

  • in French-speaking Switzerland, via the CIC Group (3 clinics), which was born of a doctor’s desire to offer quality care to all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage;
  • in Portugal, via the Lusíadas Group, the 3rd largest Portuguese hospital player (11 clinics), whose ambition is to reconcile medical excellence and quality of patient experience. It has state-of-the-art technological equipment and enjoys a very positive reputation among patients;
  • in Spain, via the Ribera Salud group, the 2nd largest Spanish hospital player with 10 private establishments. Ribera Salud has developed the “Alzira” model of public-private collaboration (1 establishment in Madrid and 2 in Valencia) focused on a long-term approach to patient health thanks to complete control of the care pathway, including primary care with a capitation payment system;
  • in Central Europe via Pro Diagnostic Group, a subsidiary of Ribera Salud which offers imaging services in Slovakia and a bariatric activity in the Czech Republic.

With these acquisitions, the Vivalto Santé group now has 91 healthcare establishments in Europe, with revenues of €2.2 billion, split 50/50 between France and international markets.

Beyond a simple implementation strategy, Vivalto Santé aims to share best practices (organisation, processes, digital tools and information systems, etc.) and eventually to develop joint projects when local regulations allow. The group’s ambition is to create a transnational medical community to develop, among other things, medical research projects on the scale of several countries.

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Crédits : Carte Diem, Vivalto Santé