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VPKA Futuretalk 2023 – „Re-Think the World of Work“

On 3 and 4 October took place Futuretalk 2023, organised by VPKA (Austrian Federation of Private Hospitals), bringing together leading experts and personalities from all over Austria to discuss the motto “Re-Think the World of Work”. This two-day event developed into a lively forum in which the future of the world of work was intensively examined.

A highlight of the event was the active involvement of the audience in the discussions, which generated diverse ideas on the future of the world of work. The agenda of Futuretalk 2023 reflected the diverse issues shaping the world of work today. From sustainable practices to digitalisation, from educational opportunities to fundamental values, from four-generation co-existence to flexibility in the workplace, each discussion provided insight into the challenges and opportunities that the world of work faces every day.

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Picture credit : Günter Freund