European Union of Private Hospitals

White Paper: Digital Medication Management in Healthcare Settings: An Opportunity for the European Union

Medication is the main part of the therapeutic process for hospital patients and with stocks of up to 200 medications held by hospital settings, it is estimated to be the second-highest spending chapter of health budgets. Management of medication stocks, their prescription and administration to patients (better known as the “medication management pathway”) is an onerous activity for hospitals and healthcare professionals. Tasks in this pathway are largely manual and non-digitalised. Visibility of medicine stocks is low; medication data is unfindable and low digitalisation of the pathway makes it highly prone for the occurrence of medication errors. Current rates of digitalisation combined with the high rates of manual activities undermines patients and healthcare professionals’ wellbeing and hospital systems resilience.

For medication errors alone, the impact from the current low levels of digitalisation in hospitals costs the OECD group $54 billion and 3 million avoidable hospital days. With the advent of the European Medicine’s Agency new European Shortages Monitoring Platform (ESMP) which will manage medication shortages and the European Health Data space for cross border patient care, current levels of Digitalisation of Hospitals Medication Management management pathways will reduce the reliability and success of these new initiatives to respond effectively to future health care crises. It is therefore crucial that the European Union invests in the Digitalisation of Hospitals Medication Management management pathways for patient safety, healthcare professionals wellbeing and for hospital resilience.

The white paper outlines the Alliance calls for action, providing examples from across of the European Union of digitalisation of the pathway. UEHP is part of the Alliance contributing to the drafting of the paper.

Read the White Paper ‘Digital Medication Management in Healthcare Settings: a KEY opportunity for the European Union’ – https://ehma.org/?p=5825