European Union of Private Hospitals

25-27 May, Milan: Intercare – International Medical Tourism Exhibition

Intercare, Italy’s first international Medical Tourism Trade Fair, is being launched to develop this market in Italy, both incoming and outgoing, by enabling offer to meet demand, both professional and patients. Moreover it has the aim to forge a culture about opportunities for patients, medical and tourism operators and institutions; to facilitate exchanges of experience and medical progress between countries and to ease commercial, medical and scientific exchange agreements between structures, doctors, insurances, and other operators.

Medical tourism combines tourism with healthcare to generate a vigorously expanding economic sector capable of fueling new economic opportunities

– for patients, who can benefit from the globalisation of healthcare and tourism to have increasingly easy access to specialised treatments, also in countries where they do not normally reside;
– for doctors and clinics, who can promote themselves and their specialisations, increasing their patient numbers;
– for the tourism industry, since it generates new non-seasonal demand that applies throughout the year.

Therapies sought after can be clustered into four areas:
– Health: special care, surgery, detailed diagnoses, second opinions etc. about specific pathologies
– Wellness: spa treatments, fitness, wellness and alternative medicine therapies
– Beauty care: improving appearance through plastic and cosmetic surgery
– Reproduction: fertility treatments and the practice of assisted reproduction.

UEHP has been invited as speaker during the opening cerimony and during the session “Medical tourism in the EU: legislative framework and opportunities for patients”. 

UEHP members can attend the event for free!

For more information, please visit the event website: http://www.inter-care.it/homepage.html