European Union of Private Hospitals

Monaco, 28 October – UEHP Council Meeting

Last UEHP Council meeting focused on Quality assessment in healthcare.

The meeting was opened by M. Thierry POYET, National Councillor and President of the Committee on Social Aims and Other Matters in Monaco.

The first session “Quality in Europe at a Glance. Experiences in European Private Hospitals” started with a presentation by Mrs Angela Blanco (DG SANTE) about the study “Cost of unsafe care and cost effectiveness of patient safety programmes” and the developments/actions the European Commission forsees for the future.

After DG SANTE presentation, the meeting focused on experiences on quality assessment in European private hospitals from Spain (Aliad, IDIS), France (BAQUIMEP), Germany (BDPK), Italy (AIOP) and Eurofound.

The second session focused on “Economic and Sustainable Development” with presentations from CAHPP, C2DS and the EU project “Healthcare Waste Management”.

In the third session “Links between Acute Care and Rehabilitation in European Private Hospitals” we had a presentation on “Medical Rehabilitation Centers in France” from FHP-SSR.