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  Monday, 17th December 2018  
The power of commitment
The EU Health Summit in Brussels was the last major meeting where UEHP was a partner this year.
The place of patients´ associations represents added-value in all perspectives. In France, the FHP Convention invited Gérard Larcher, President of the French Senate confirming the role of private facilities in all territories. From big cities to rural areas, health access must be preserved for citizens. We are engaged in our European Private Hospitals Mapping project to demonstrate our full implication in providing the best offer in all regions.
UEHP is based on the exchange of international experiences but also on the dedication of its members and, in that regard, I would like to emphasise the major commitment of Alberta Sciachi. After holding a number of management positions within UEHP, including President and Vice-president, our dear colleague and friend leaves now the service of UEHP. On behalf of all of us, I want to thank Alberta Sciachi for her peerless commitment and passion during these past years, her engagement within our organization has been marked by outstanding efficiency and excellence. We will certainly keep in contact regarding international affairs and wish her all the best for the future.
Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP
EU HEALTH SUMMIT – A shared vision for health
On 29 November, 28 European organisations working in the healthcare sector jointly organised the first “EU HEALTH SUMMIT – A shared vision for health” in Brussels.
The European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) was among the 28 European organisations that teamed up to organise this forum to raise awareness on the topic of the Health in all policies: health matters to all and must remain on the top of the EU agenda!
Mobility of patients at the core of the discussion at EU and National level
During the last three years, the Directive on Cross-border Healthcare (2011/24/EU) has proven to clarify and guarantee patients' rights to receive healthcare in another Member State, according to the latest implementation report the European Commission published at the end of September 2018.  Nevertheless, patient mobility and its financial dimensions within the EU remain relatively low and the Cross-border Healthcare Directive has not resulted in a major budgetary impact on the sustainability of the national health systems.
Partner of the Health Tourism Industry Conference 2019
The European Union of Private Hospitals is supporting partner of the Health Tourism Industry Conference 2019 (HTI – IMTM), which will take place in Tel Aviv on 12-13 February 2019.
EHMA Winter School 2019
The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is pleased to announce the launch of the EHMA 2019 Winter School on the theme of “Managing Digital Innovation in Healthcare”, organised in collaboration with EHMA Programme Directors’ Group. The Winter School will take place on 5th – 7th February in Kloster Eberbach, Germany.
Release of the report “Health at a Glance: Europe”
The European Commission has just relased its new Health at a Glance: Europe for 2018.
The 2018 “Health at a Glance: Europe” joint report of the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued on November, 22 shows that the steady increase of life expectancy has slowed down and that large gaps across and within countries persist, notably leaving people with a low level of education by the wayside. This report is based upon comparative analyses of the health status of EU citizens and the performance of the health systems in the 28 Member States, 5 candidate countries and 3 EFTA countries.
Survey of healthcare workers knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance
Advance notice :
In January 2019 UEHP will be cascading the link to an ECDC-funded survey to assess healthcare workers knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. The aim of the survey is to have a robust return of 10,000+ responses across the EU/EEA member states with representation from healthcare workers (doctors, nurses and midwives, dentists, pharmacists, other healthcare workers such as hospital managers, allied health professionals, and technicians). ECDC is also seeking responses from health students.
The challenges of the Italian health system
“Over the last five years the Italian public health system had to face important challenges: limiting spending, not adequately addressing the inefficiencies of the "machine”, transferring as much as possible the action of the spending review on funding granted to accredited private parties and giving rise to a de facto rationing of the services provided to users. These situation is further evidenced by the trend of several phenomena:
the growing dissatisfaction with the health system in the home Region (rising to 32.2% in 2017, and even 51.3% in the South); the difficulty of finding reliable information when choosing the most suitable hospital for the patient ; the slight and/or lack of feeling of "being placed at the center" as patients; the inadequate link between the phase of hospital discharge and that of access to social assistance-post-hospitalization services; the repeated postponing and/or foregoing of care by people who needed it.
Private Hospitals Trophies 2018
The 11th edition rewarded 9 private hospitals for their innovation and commitment to serve patient.
FHP (French Federation of Private Hospitals) presented Wednesday, December 12th its annual Trophies which reward outstanding initiatives implemented by private clinics and hospitals.
The winners were selected by a jury of recognized and independent personalities from the health sector in four categories:
  • Innovative organization of the health care pathway (new category)
  • Socially responsible clinic
  • Patient relation
  • Medical excellence
"Every year, it is with great emotion that I present these trophies," said Lamine Gharbi, president of FHP. "In fact, even if these trophies represent a reward, they are above all the recognition of the commitment of all our establishments to serve the 9 million patients they welcome every year. This commitment is made of competence, enthusiasm and a lot of work. It is the guarantor of the quality of the care provided in our 1030 private clinics and hospitals. It is a real sense of pride for me to highlight the institutions and teams that embody this ongoing mobilization of private hospitals, despite the difficulties sometimes encountered."
Hirslanden, the biggest private hospital group in Switzerland
What is the place of your hospitals group within the Swiss healthcare system?
Hirslanden is Switzerland's largest private hospital group and also the biggest medical service network. The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group consists of 18 hospitals in 11 cantons, many of which have an integrated outpatient surgery unit and a 24-hour emergency centre. The group also operates 4 outpatient clinics, 17 radiology and 5 radiotherapy institutes. The Hirslanden group has public service contracts in all of the cantons where Hislanden clinics are located, thus significantly contributing to the health care delivery of the Swiss population.
Interview with Urs Martin, head of Public Affairs
8 February 2019
UEHP General Assembly
7 June 2019
UEHP Council Meeting