European Union of Private Hospitals

January 2019 – 2019 will be a European year!

Major challenges are now facing European citizens, first of all the European Parliament Elections on 23-26 May. We are at a crossroads searching for a new model, in or out will be the question. At this very moment, a Shakespearean tragedy is playing in London concerning Brexit and we hope that a practical solution can be found respecting both the interests of Europe and the UK.


In this unpredictable world, health remains a central question and we intend to raise the issue for debate, asking European policy makers what are the solutions they suggest for the future. Sustainable healthcare systems are not a privilege but remain a chance to be protected. Following OECD recommendations, UEHP is a genuine partner fully committed to improve services for patients and to compete positively according to transparent rules in an open civil society.

19 million of European citizens are living in another EU Member State, 9 million students are studying abroad in the EU. The reality of Europe is the reality of citizens, including free mobility and personal projects. EU is a protected area open to individual initiatives and global social protection. Value-based healthcare is a common goal, including quality and outcome indicators for increasingly informed patients. The professional teams of UEHP national federations are engaged in providing every day care to all. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and challenge us, in these difficult times, to reshape a successful Europe!

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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