European Union of Private Hospitals

Jan 23 – Headwinds: lobbying, war, inflation and Co…

To be respected and heard, that is the ambition of our actions which require an ethical relationship between politicians, authorities and civil society. For UEHP, being on the transparency register in Brussels is an opportunity and a privilege; it is up to us to fully respect its requirements. The interrelationship between professional actors and public decision-makers deserves mutual trust and the articulation of common issues.

The purpose of our federation is the quality of the service offered to European citizens. We are healthcare professionals under contract with the national health insurance schemes in each of the countries we represent. We respect the national rules, the legal and ethical framework of the care function and the economic principles that bind us to the Member States.

Our commitment to the European SGI is our raison d’être. Our hospitals represent 22% of all European hospital beds (Eurostat), and have the advantage of flexibility, innovation and coordination of actions in devising new solutions beneficial to the health of all populations concerned.

In times of concern over globalisation, successive economic and health crises, and political scandals, we will be even more demanding when it comes to the recognition of our actions in full transparency!

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