European Union of Private Hospitals

May 2017 – A green and sustainable future

UEHP is resolutely focused on the future. We are committed to “Smart Hospitals”, quality for the patient, free access for European citizens, but also to the respect of the environment.
Sustainable development is a priority: all managers and health professionals should be encouraged to follow these principles, respectful of the present and the future. The issues are many: building construction, control of flows, potentially toxic waste, waste sorting (as evidenced by our participation in the European Waste Management programme), but also the conditioning and distribution circuit of health products.
The coordination of all stakeholders is the key to success. In Brussels, this ambition is shared by many of our interlocutors. But it is clear that nothing can be done without our participation: it is the stakeholders in the field who can guarantee the practical success of Community principles. We are a concrete Europe, one of achievements!
Private hospitals are a support for these programmes – so many professionals dedicate themselves to sustainable development and to respecting the environment in our institutions – but they also contribute to the dissemination of these achievements. We are the relay of these European skills which go beyond borders, enriching each other through the exchange of relevant solutions.
Sustainability includes long term engagement not only for ecology but for economy too, with relevant managerial solutions. A new European society is on the move, mixing human being responsibility and organisation performance.
This Newsletter is merely a brief summary of experiences in some Member States for the benefit of all. Our place is once again to be the “broker” of information for a real and concrete Europe, one of action and success at the service of the environment
Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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