European Union of Private Hospitals

July 2022 – In a real World

As the summer brings a heat wave across Europe, we fear a difficult winter due to foreseeable disruptions in energy supplies at our borders.

We have a long-standing commitment to risk management, which is a recurring theme of our working sessions, to provide safety and efficiency to patients. But we are almost surprised at the slow awakening of our European leaders to organise a collective response to the dangers to which we are exposed: cybersecurity and all the ongoing developments in cryptology that are essential for health services, the securing of our supplies and the shortage of health products, not to mention the necessary protection of our economy with the increase in the ECB’s key interest rates for the first time in eleven years, and lastly, the challenges of sustainability. The fragility of the environment can only strengthen our motivation towards Green Hospitals projects.

In addition to these obligations to anticipate, in the medium term, the organisational and structural revolution that awaits us, inflation is hitting our socio-economic systems hard. European hospitals must receive immediate attention from the Member States’ governments in order to adapt their budgets to the major economic constraints underway. 60% of our budgets are dedicated to personnel costs, and without a re-evaluation of our financing methods, it will not be possible to provide the necessary health services.

The real world is our daily life, adaptation is a primary virtue to be shared!

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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