European Union of Private Hospitals

April 2022 – Post, per, ante

Post, per, ante

We are not yet in the “post” COVID crisis, certainly not in the “per” security crisis at Europe’s borders, but we must anticipate the “ante” phase of economic recovery with its new constraints.

Europe has suffered major events on a global scale and our socio-economic model, although it is clearly more resilient than many others, is nevertheless shaken by its structural fragility. Tomorrow’s economic reforms following Quantitative Easing, of the Recovery Plan and its budget allocations by Member State, will both strongly impact our health sector and condition it. We need to return to the fundamentals of the health economy and intelligently prepare the necessary adaptations of our establishments to the challenges of efficiency, innovative technologies and environmental respect.

We have chosen to anticipate with three objectives: the culture of results based on hospital performance indicators, the inclusion of AI in tomorrow’s medicine and green hospitals as vectors of environmental progress in a society committed to its ecological responsibilities.

While everyday life and the fragility caused by the limits of globalization remain our permanent concerns, we are preparing the future of an innovative Europe.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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