European Union of Private Hospitals

April 23 – Mental Health Matters

Mental health in Europe is a major issue in this post-COVID-19 crisis phase. The ordeal has affected each and every family, and the youngest have suffered particularly from isolation, social constraints and difficulties in accessing health services. Mental health policies must be restored to serve the population.

The risk of suicide is still high, and suffering in the school, work and family environment remains a real concern. Difficulties in accessing specialised services persist, and psychiatric medicine and its collaborative networks deserve an additional effort.

Europe has made this issue a priority, and the European private psychiatric hospital sector is evolving to provide innovative solutions in all areas of life, including work. Faced with the specific dangers affecting the care professions, where burn-out is a real danger, collaboration must be strengthened.

The initiatives of the private sector are there to meet this expectation for inclusive and accessible health policies, responding to EU commission commitment: “How action at EU level can help promote good mental health and prevent…, by EU and national policies for the benefit of people across the EU”.

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