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November 2017 – Facts ! UEHP Factbook to attest the place of private hospitals in Europe

UEHP has successfully launched its Factbook on 7th November at the European Parliament.
The launch was held at the European Parliament in Brussels, thanks to the kind support of MEP Françoise Grossetête, Vice President of the EPP Group, who has been actively working on the major challenges in healthcare for years at EU level.
The publication of this first Factbook reflects an important communication objective of European private hospitals, aiming to demonstrate their full involvement in health systems. The UEHP entrusted this work to a Health Economics Expert, Hans Martens, to bring valuable information to the debate on hospital regulation in Europe and on the modernization of provision of care. Controlling hospital costs, reducing waiting times, working in connected networks, documenting quality are the challenges of today and tomorrow.
Crippled by the global economic crisis, the European social area has reduced its health expenditure. The accredited private sector, i.e. under contract with the national social security systems, offers a response to the challenge of achieving organizational success in the hospital of tomorrow. Change management, strategic investment, patient information on the quality of care provided, are key elements of success.
UEHP provides accurate data on private sector involvement as a response to attain the sustainability of health systems, as full and equal partners to meet performance expectations both medically and economically. From 2007 to 2015, the proportion of European private hospitals beds has increased from 17,6% to 20,5% whereas at the same time the total number of hospital beds has decreased of -9% across Europe (Source : Eurostat).
The most important % increase of the private sector is observed in Central and Eastern Europe, reflecting the private sector involvement to make a positive contribution to health systems sustainability with modern and efficient hospitals, able to improve health care delivery to all European Citizens.
63,567 practitioners are trained each year in Europe (Source : Eurostat)
In EU 28, we count in average 515 hospital beds for 100,000 inhabitants (260 in Ireland and 813 in Germany)
Over the last 10 years in EU28, we have seen a decrease of the number of hospital beds by 9%
20,45% of hospital beds in Europe are operated by the private sector (Latest known data 2015)
Disparities as regard to beds ownership, 100% non-for-profit in the NL, 100% public in the UK
Between 2007 to 2015, hospital private sector increased from 17,56 to 20,45%, a progression by 16% in a global contracting market (- 9%)
Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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