European Union of Private Hospitals

Feb 23 – Let’s get to work!

A new UEHP Board is at work. At its General Assembly in Frankfurt-am-Main, UEHP elected its representatives. We are honoured to represent the private hospital sector, which represents 22% of the total number of beds in Europe, addressing the societal challenges and responsibility of serving the public.

Healthcare systems are under organisational and economic pressure. Pricing reforms are underway, and the sustainability of health systems can only be based on the search for efficiency between operators. The private sector is growing, but imagining the health of tomorrow requires that initiatives be supported by coherent public policies.

The One Health programme, by its globality, expresses well what is at stake, namely environmental challenges, prevention, care and coordination between actors. The private hospital sector is the partner of tomorrow’s health, in compliance with the economic balance that is essential for the quality of services.

This year, once again, we have the pleasure of inviting you all to attend the European Private Hospital Awards organised by APHP, in Lisbon on the 25th of May, to demonstrate once more, the commitment and creativity of our sector. Don’t miss it!

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