European Union of Private Hospitals

April 2017 – From Rome to all European citizens

This March, 25th the European Union was celebrated the 60 year anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. From a visionary perspective, the European project proposed by the « Fathers of Europe » in 1957 is still ongoing. Thus, it began an unprecedented period of security and prosperity based on a set of commons rules. UEHP is engaged as a partner of change, trying to improve the everyday life of patients, enhancing major recent changes such as European patient mobility and medical innovation in sustainable healthcare systems.
In a complex and uncertain world, we consider the future of Europe as a chance. We are effective providers of efficient health services dedicated to citizens and we participate to a global challenge, the development of human welfare. Deeply involved in working groups on quality of care, eHealth and cybersecurity, we express our full implication for modern key success solutions.
UEHP was founded in Rome too, more than 25 years ago, and is proud to participate to this anniversary. Great thanks to previous policy makers able to draw the European future. The inheritance is a mix of respect for the past and responsibility for the future.
Born the same year than the Rome Treaty, my own job is to give to the next generation the same opportunity I shared before with the European civil society. The Rome ambition is still alive!
Dr Paul Garassus
President of the UEHP

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