European Union of Private Hospitals

January 2022 – Renewing ourselves to build the future

Renewing ourselves to build the future

The year 2022 remains under the strain of COVID-19. Our organisations continue to be involved in different stages of the fight against the virus: information, vaccination, critical care and rehabilitation, not to mention psychiatric care, as the pressure on individuals has been severe with deleterious physical and psychological consequences.
This year begins with the six-month French Presidency of the European Union. President Macron has stated his ambition that this period should be an opportunity for renewed ambition, that of strengthening our cooperation and developing opportunities. Faced with an unstable and tense environment, more than ever, social Europe and its expertise in health are fundamental values. We are pleased to announce that the UEHP has been invited to participate in meetings organised by the French Ministry of Health in the framework of the FPEU on the ethics of health data. We have already asked on many occasions that European sovereignty be given priority as well as the technological solutions with which our common space is equipped. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to debate with DG SANTE but also with DG CNECT, allowing us to come back to our previous work on SMART HOSPITALS and cyber security.
We are gradually resuming our international meetings, while respecting health regulations. Strengthened by our common history, we must know how to renew ourselves in order to not only be true to our privileges or our habits, but rather to our principles and our responsibilities, which are to build the future. This spirit, which since the Treaty of Rome has animated UEHP founding fathers, now calls for the strengthening of our collaborative ties and the introduction of fundamental reforms in the collective interest. We are willing!
Europe is certainly the Europe of its institutions, but its history is the history of the men and women who built it. In this respect, we have lost a remarkable and dedicated advocate of our common space in the person of David Sassoli. Our commitment will remain true to the principles he embodied.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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