European Union of Private Hospitals

July 2018 – United in performance

Sports victories belong to the sportsmen. Nonetheless, the recent FIFA World Cup reminded us of the importance of Europe in this world event.
Five of the eight quarter-finalist teams were European, then all semi-finalists, and therefore the two great teams in the final. Europe succeeds, it attracts migrants because it is a privileged social space but it is also a competitive whole at the highest level.
The global balance is weakened by trade disputes, Europe must remain united. It is a vector of success and integration.
Europe remains a great idea, a real project. Civil society organizations play a participatory role in changing welfare states policies. We must be propositional regarding what OECD recommends under the term of “global deal” which opens the dialogue with governments and administrations and allows to show the talent of the managers of the private sector in an economic regulation aiming at quality and efficiency at the service of the citizens.
We defend performance analysis which is the only method to maintain quality services while ensuring balanced budgets.
We wish you all a pleasant and useful holiday and look forward to seeing you again in September with all the necessary energy to succeed in our common missions.
Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP