European Union of Private Hospitals

June 23 – A strategy for adaptation, facing uncertainty

The month of June was marked by a series of encounters, the most important aspect being the re-establishment of working and collaborative relationships after the COVID-19 years.

The next six months will be rich in prospects, with Spain holding the European Council Presidency the first of July. Europe’s healthcare sector is moving forward gradually, and another race is beginning: preparations for the European elections in a year’s time, with a political project that needs to be (re)constructed, particularly in view of the proven importance of community ties in dealing collectively with the challenges ahead. For example, disruptions in the supply of medicines and medical devices, by securing networks through European supply policies rather than through disruptions with supplier countries: this securing through risk management has become central because the overall performance of healthcare systems depends on it. Like Raytheon, Chief Head of aerospace and defence group said: “We can de-risk but not decouple…Western manufacturers will find it impossible to completely cut ties”.  This strategic vision will become essential.

The level of uncertainty remains high, as recent geopolitical events can certainly confirm. We were able to meet with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (Oleksii Laremenko, Head of Health Recovery) to share their “Build Back Better” reconstruction plan with the country’s economic players. We can assure them of our commitment to establishing the necessary connections as soon as possible to enable Ukraine to rebuild its healthcare provision through public and private partnerships, so that the populations affected by the conflicts can access the aid they need as quickly as possible.

Lastly, our meetings with the business world (OECD, BIAC, HBI) gave us a better understanding of the issues and the current financial context that is helping to steer healthcare provision in Europe. After our visit to the ECB at the start of the year, this cycle of medical and economic analysis has enabled us to support our partners in a constructive strategy, despite the upheaval of new conditions brought about by inflation that is still poorly controlled. All these linked elements reflect the complexity of our world, where only a systemic approach allows us to position the private healthcare through uncertainty.

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