European Union of Private Hospitals

March 2020 – United against COVID-19

The COVID-19 tsunami has taken over the news. Medical Doctors across the world are pushing to save affected patients and to contain the pandemic using new therapeutics. At the same time, UEHP member hospitals are 100% engaged in this fight, using all relevant means to face the disease and offer the best solution for all European patients.

In this Newsletter, we are presenting various situations of private and public hospital coordination implemented in EU Members States and examples of solidarity across borders as we recently observed between Alsace and Baden-Württemberg regions.

As a Medical Doctor I must say that I truly admire, the engagement of all the workforce dedicated to care. We had forgotten what pandemic meant and a new “black plague” is engulfing our continent. We will later draw lessons from the COVID-19 crisis, but for now we must fight!

Despite these turbulent times, we could not ignore our previous engagement dedicated to gender equality. We are very proud in this March edition to reiterate our commitment to this major cause. You will find in this newsletter the interview of two European Health Ministers, Marta Temido (Portugal) and Maggie De Block (Belgium) as well as our poster featuring our women colleagues as top managers in Private Hospitals.

Be safe, stay home! And I hope we will be altogether very soon.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP