European Union of Private Hospitals

March 2022 – Solidarity


We are being severely hit by a second crisis of major proportions that is shaking up the whole world and is taking place on Europe’s doorstep. After a viral pandemic which is still active and for which European private hospitals are fulfilling their role at every stage of prevention, care and follow-up, particularly for ” long ” forms of COVID-19, the current war in Ukraine is challenging our existing balance.
Two key points deserve our attention. The first is the importance of our interdependencies. Globalisation, which is the result of the liberalisation of trade and initiatives, requires us to have mutual trust through a mechanism of shared balance. We see that we must strengthen our resilience through diversified partnerships. The second is, inversely, the immense effect of solidarity that emerges in response to the major challenge that is the human respect in the face of violent conflicts. Any unbalance, whatever its cause, has global consequences.
Our European society is reacting with dignity to protect the refugees who are fleeing the conflicts and their horror. We would like to bear witness to the involvement of our friends in private hospitals in Poland, Romania, and Moldavia in caring for these fragile populations, without any expectation of support. Out of simple humanity, out of simple generosity. We are only their voice as they are so discreet but so effective on the ground. The merit is theirs. As for UEHP, it has interceded with all the professionals concerned at the European Commission to offer its services in full cooperation with the Member States.
Our social Europe, a beacon of shared democracy, must enable us to explore all possible diplomatic avenues while seeking, to the best of our ability as actors of civil society, to welcome those we can protect.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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