European Union of Private Hospitals

March 23 – Time to act

The evidence is clear: the key issue of the European hospital workforce has become central. We can but support the BUCHAREST DECLARATION ON THE HEALTH AND CARE WORKFORCE High-level Regional Meeting on Health and Care Workforce in Europe “TIME TO ACT”*. We have made this a leitmotiv because the essential element of our organizations, Quality of Care, depends on our ability to attract, retain and train hospital teams.

We dedicated our UEHP Workshop in Brussels to the subject of HUMAN VALUE, which is the very driving force behind our actions. Facts are coming from the field and all healthcare sectors are impacted.

Three main factors come together: initial training in health; the expectations of a new generation of professionals “GEN Z”; and finally, the sociological changes in the way European populations use their health care systems.

Practical solutions must be defined with the professionals we represent to ensure overall performance: efficient care without any time delays. This must be done by promoting the employment of a committed generation whose legitimate expectations require major structural adaptations. Declarations are important, but our collective actions take precedence! Employment in the private hospital sector represents around 900,000 nurses (OECD Europe data) for 22.4% of hospital beds in Europe…**

*World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
** Eurostat 2020 data

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