European Union of Private Hospitals

May 2021 – Thanks to the workforce

May 12 was International Nurses Day and our heartfelt gratitude goes to all the workforce engaged in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, who tirelessly and selflessly put their life on the line. It is thanks to their full devotion that we are able to successfully fight the pandemic.
This month we also have the European Week Against Cancer (#EWAC2021). Organized by the Association of Cancer Leagues in collaboration with its member leagues and partners across Europe, this event takes place every year between 25 and 31 May to unite Europe in the fight against cancer, under the one banner.
This year, this international awareness week, focuses on shaping the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (#EUCancerPlan) – a core priority of the European Commission in the 2019-2024 legislative term. UEHP has been closely following the EU Cancer Plan and we believe that the private hospital sector is clearly a relevant partner in the fight against Cancer and against the large inequalities in European cancer care.
Our sincere congratulations to Oscar Gaspar, UEHP Vice President, for his engagement in the OPORTO DECLARATION, a fruitful initiative supporting Health in EU27. The participation of so many stakeholders, professional and patient associations reinforces the global strategy of a European Health Union for more health in Europe.
The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the importance of working together and let’s hope it will open our minds to new and efficient collaborative processes.

Dr Paul Garassus
President of UEHP

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